Wild Tales From The Shores Of Cape Cod

This post might actually just be an excuse to share some fantastic photographs of my cousins.

Last weekend I spent some time in Cape Cod with my family and my cousins.

Brody, Cooper, myself and Quinn.

The oldest is Quinn, a seven-year-old who’s already obsessed with the New York Yankees. He might even already be a stat junkie.

The younger two are Cooper and Brody, five-year-old twins. The two troublemakers are already different in a few ways. Amazing how quickly a personality starts to shine.

I am not a beach person. I spend some time down at the extended family beach cottage in Weekapaug, R.I., but that’s about it. A summer day does not need to include a trip to the beach for me to be enjoying myself. In fact, at the end of this trip I started joking about how there’s just too much sun, sand and water at the beach. I’d rather visit a few museums.

I probably wouldn’t have joined my younger sister and parents on this trip if not for my cousins vacationing just down the road from us. They were spending the entire week. We were spending a few days, which was more than enough time away from Connecticut for me.

My favorite photo of the weekend. My parents, Brody holding a log for some strange reason and Cooper stealing the hat off my head.

Even though my cousins are from Massachusetts I am lucky enough to see them fairly often. I wish I could see them every week, but that’s just not possible. They literally might be my best friends and I’m happy that I will get to see them grow up and even happier that I am allowed to play a part in their lives. Knowing I am going to see them soon makes me as happy as anything does these days. Young minds, especially these three, amaze me. I remember when I was so easily entertained and captivated by things and had that kind of wild imagination. Hanging out with them hasn’t gotten old yet.

Other than the time I slept over their house, I haven’t seen my cousins for consecutive days like this. Usually one day with them tires me out. I was prepared to be worn out by the end of this trip (and I was). We enjoyed the beach, but we also did a lot of walking. We took nature hikes (more like short walks) that helped get us all active (and tired!) early in the day. The Cape really is a beautiful place, whether you like the beaches or not.

My sister did a nice job on this candid photo. The sunset was beautiful that night.

The thing about hanging out with three wild and crazy cousins who want your attention is how they clearly try to outdo one another. If one of them does something (gets a piggy back ride, for example), the other wants to do it. It’s actually more funny than anything and it certainly isn’t difficult to spread the wealth of fun across all three. My younger sister helps deflect some of the attention. When I wouldn’t give Brody a piggy back ride, he hopped on her shoulders instead!

I know everyone likes to think that their kids or their cousins are the cutest. But these guys really do take the cake. With Cooper proclaiming to all that his lower regions are cold while in the chilly water or their animated “Hello sailor!” quote that dominated the few days there was really no stopping their entertainment levels. Perhaps the best thing was when Cooper came outside at around 9 p.m. and said he was going on a secret hike to California. I was lucky enough to record him spilling the secrets of the hike.

The boys’ grandparents, who were visiting from Florida and vacationing with them as well, also helped deflect some of the attention. But I think I deflected more of it away from them! Their grandfather, who they endearingly call “Papa,” joked about how much it would cost him to pay me to stay a bit longer. We left Wednesday, meaning he had half a week left of entertaining those three minds!

End result of this trip? A grand success. My parents and sister visited them last year but I wasn’t able to go. This year, when I knew I was going to be able to go, I instantly marked the date on my calendar and at once became excited. I hope that this exact thing happens next year.

The brothers.

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