Veep Begins Viral Marketing Campaign

Veep is easily one of my most anticipated new shows of the year.

Armando Iannucci and Simon Blackwell are master satirists. Together, and with the help of others, the two have created The Thick of It, a British political comedy that I happen to consider to be one of the funniest television series ever created.

Its success, carried on the back of ferocious British government spin doctor Malcolm Tucker and his interactions with mostly moronic public servants, has remained understated in the United States, despite an Oscar-nominated film spinoff (In the Loop) that meshed both American and British politics together in a brilliant and unwavering tour de force of stupidity.

And so when Iannucci announced he was going to be working with HBO to bring this style of political satire and comedy strictly to America, I got excited. I became even more excited glancing over the cast. Julia Louis-Dreyfus finds herself portraying  Vice President Selina Meyer and her cast of support around her – including Tony Hale, Matt Walsh and Anna Chlumsky – will only add to what I hope will be a mess of brilliance and stupidity that only Iannucci can manage.

Oddly enough, for a show that won’t garner much attention from anyone, Veep has begun a viral marketing campaign. I didn’t notice its existence it until the unofficial Facebook page posted a link this morning. I sure haven’t seen anyone else report it. And with the low number of hit counts on the videos itself (which have been on the Internet since March 22), it’s an odd case of people just missing out.

In the first video, VP Meyer gives a brief and hilariously condescending address from her office. Think Park and Recs‘ Leslie Knope, but with less care and more crass annoyance on Meyer’s part that she even has to do such a video. Check it out:


Next is a tour of the Vice Presidential wing and offices done by Mike McClintock, the VP’s press secretary, who looks to be wonderfully played by Walsh. McClintock’s early character indicates his desire to be important, his inability to actually be funny (but funny to us) and his undying passion for his job.


If you haven’t seen some of Iannucci’s work before, this all might come off super dry and not as funny as it should be. But give Veep a chance when it makes its debut on April 22. In the meantime, start watching The Thick of It.

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