As If You Didn’t Care About the Golden Globes Already

The Golden Globes, the perennial lesser of the Hollywood film award shows, the show that gave nominations for the film The Tourist in a category it didn’t belong in amidst much speculation of corruption, has now cheapened itself more by the rumored and unofficial banning of host Ricky Gervais from the show.

When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association signed up to have the biting, scalding and clever Gervais host its annual awards show they had to know what they were getting themselves into by pitting a room full of fake celebrities with ceramic feelings up against Gervais unique and no-holds-barred style of comedy.

Hell, this was the poster used to advertise Gervais’ arrival:

It has to be asked: what did they think they were getting? For Gervais, I hope this is mission accomplished. He served some of Hollywood’s most notable stars a dish of heavy insults and for anyone who was present on Sunday night that had a sense of humor (celebrities DON’T) they would have enjoyed every minute of his awkward jokes. Gervais closed the show thanking God for making him an atheist. Perfect.

Here’s a summary of what Gervais was able to come up with, as well as a reaction from Robert Downey Jr. after he gets blasted:

My biggest problem is the fact that Downey Jr., whether completely serious in his disapproval with Gervais or not, was able to go on and make a reference to a possible six-way gang bang with five actresses present in the room that night (most likely with their husbands) and have everyone laugh it off. Insiders reported to various pop culture blogs that Ricky “blew it” and that he made everyone uncomfortable, but nothing in the above video is as uncomfortable as Downey Jr. asking to have his way with the five nominated women to evaluate their talent.

Reportedly what got Gervais the boot was his comment about the head of the HFPA, Philip Berk. But Gervais didn’t hold back against the likes of Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise, among others.

I think the rest of America can thank this Brit for saying what we all feel, and I’m sure each and every one of those celebrities that were roasted by Gervais will take comfort in their next box office grossing.

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