Grateful D.E.A.D.

I think mixes and mash-ups can be wonderful things.

The obvious: they have the capability to sound AWESOME. The subtle: it can introduce you to a genre or artist you might not ever listen to otherwise.

This became true when I stumbled upon mash-ups of Notorious B.I.G.  and the Grateful Dead.

At first notice, such a creation might baffle. But for Dead fans who aren’t eager to enter the realm of hip-hop, the mixes presented are of insatiable and addictive quality.

I mean sure, hearing Grateful Dead samples and more in songs called “Bust a Nut” is a little strange at first, and the combination of the two isn’t the most jelling thing out there, but somehow, someway, “Scarlet Begonias” just works alongside on of Biggies’ raps.

Give it a listen, whether you’re a fan of one, or none, of the artists involved.

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