Four Score and Seven Years Ago I Drank Your Milkshake

The film world dropped some great news on us yesterday, as it was announced that the unbeatable Daniel-Day Lewis would play Abraham Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg-directed biopic.

Spielberg’s film was supposed to have Liam Neeson in the role as the former president, but when Neeson dropped out, the project was put on the table and stalled.

Until now. Lewis will assume the roll, and might already have to apologize to every other actor that will be in best actor Oscar consideration in 2012 if he pulls it off as well as we know and hope he can.

I was initially excited when I heard Neeson was going to play the roll, but now that Lewis is attached my excitement is about as high as it can be for a Lincoln biopic. We’ll see if it gives John Ford’s more fictionalized Young Mr. Lincoln, a film that focused more on Lincoln’s early years as a lawyer, a run for its money.

Also breaking news is the fact that Lewis is in talks to play both Mary Todd Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth…in my dreams.

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