Where Did All These People Come From?

This first week back at CCSU has been a tiring one, what with the beginnings of my new editor-in-chief position with The Recorder and the absurd heat wave we’ve had to deal with. But with experience making things easier at the helm of the newspaper and autumn forcing the heat out, those are two things I can actually look forward to subsiding.

But one thing that I’m not sure will give way is the increased number of students roaming the CCSU campus. Wherever I walk, whatever the time, whatever the day, the body count in front, to the side and behind me seems to be amped up.

Tuesday morning was met with the worst parking fiasco I’ve yet to experience as a CCSU student (and I’ve been one for awhile). As I typically do, I searched quickly for a spot in the student center garage – no go. A common sight in the first week is to find that garage filled to the brim, so I wasn’t worried.

But when I pulled out and went to try and find a spot next to the football field and was denied, I was shocked. Not once had I seen that lot packed, with multiple other cars scouring the pavement for parking.

On to Welte, I say. Traffic in the garage, a bad sign. An even worse sign is a line of cars driving out of the garage with every driver looking deflated. My naivety aside, I drive to the top of the garage. On the ramp leading up to the open sky I spot a guy carrying car keys. Creepy enough, I stalk him, and ask him where he’s parked. A few spots away. To my surprise and extreme luck, I grab his spot, and joyously walk on to class, only five minutes late.

But this anecdote is just a small story on the way to a bigger one. Is this finally the moment where we CCSU students notice the poor economy’s impact on our campus? Is this where we notice the number of transfer students, or students who had to forgo a bigger (and better) school because they just couldn’t afford it?

As seen in The Recorder’s story about CCSU’s opening meeting, President Jack Miller commented on the rise of statistics in many campus categories, and the amount of undergraduates must be included among that. Hard statistics must be looked into though to get any sense of realistic increase among CCSU’s enrollment figures.

If numbers like enrollment do continue to rise, space will seriously and certainly become an issue on campus in more ways than one. Forget parking, club room space and dorms for a moment. Leaving my War and Peace Through Film class in the basement of DiLoreto on Tuesday I had to walk through a stairwell full of students listening to a teacher. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they were sitting on the stairs, until I remembered my morning’s adventure looking for space to place my car. Perhaps the professor hated his or her classroom or the heat was too unbearable. But the stairway wasn’t cool itself at any right. If these students were forced to sit on the stairs because of a lack of classroom space, something is seriously wrong, as that’s not conducive to learning. Will update on this matter next Tuesday when I may or may not have to walk through their wonderful learning experience again.

Managing Editor Matt Kiernan reported on the opening speech in which Miller went on to predict the future. By 2015 Miller predicts that 15,000 students will be on campus. He also predicts that an increase will occur aspects, such as buildings, with new a new residential hall, police station (more space to arrest those students) and a new academic building.

Of course, I’ll be gone by then (I hope), so it won’t mean anything for me. But with the recent pattern of increased enrollment, the necessity for this space and improvement is going to become more and more necessary. I hope it happens.

One thought on “Where Did All These People Come From?

  1. I am an older/commuter/transfer student and this is my 2nd semester at CCSU. Last week as I was sitting in a packed (a la sardines) 100 degree classroom on the 3rd floor of DiLoreto, I started to experience a little buyer’s remorse. Cold and flu season should be interesting…

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