Live Show of the Week: Tim Palmieri 2008/05/23

Today I decide to go with a Tim Palmieri acoustic show from May 23, 2008. Palmieri is best known as a guitarist of the Connecticut-born jam band The Breakfast. Most recently he has joined up with a couple of other musicians to form the great jam band super group Kung Fu.

Here Palmieri plays what seems like a smaller crowd, as he addresses the event as a stag party. It’s a very cool environment for some great music. Palmieri busts out covers from all over the place, including a few Phish gems, a David Bowie tune and even a Frank Zappa song.

The quality here is great and really gives you an idea as to what kind of great skill Palmieri has. He’s possibly one of the more underrated musicians on the jam band scene.


I: jam > * I Wanna Get High > ** Ziggy Stardust > SWABLAR > Ripple, Into The Great Wide Open, Raffle Baby Bitch > Episode 1 (Happy) > Cocaine Blues, Raffle, Reba > Rufus > Rush > Rufus > ^ Reba > ^^ Catholic Girls > Reba

II: Raffle jam #, Dumb > ## Sundance > You Enjoy Myself > % Joe’s Garage > %% You Enjoy Myself > @ Sundance, Girls > She Don’t Use Jelly > Food For Thought > @@ Under The Bridge > $ Food For Thought > $$ Over Exposure > + Paint It Black > Over Exposure > ++ Score > Golgi Apparatus > Divided Sky > & Golgi Apparatus > Son Of Simpleton > Score

E: Question

Check out Palmieri playing the great Phish jam “Reba” to get a taste while you wait for the download:

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