Wrap Up of Films Watched in October 2009

Well here it is. I’m reaching the end stretch. 255 total films have been watched. I viewed 23 in October, with only one not being a horror film. Here’s the recap. * denotes first time viewing.

233. 10/1 – Summer School*
234. 10/1 – Drag Me to Hell
235. 10/1 – Laid to Rest*
236. 10/1 – The Sentinel*
237. 10/2 – Zombieland*
238. 10/6 – The Hills Run Red*
239. 10/6 – Jungle Holocaust*
240. 10/7 – Fright Night*
241. 10/8 – MST3K: Zombie Nightmare*
242. 10/10 – Trick ‘r Treat
243. 10/10 – Splinter*
244. 10/13 – Where the Wild Things Are*
245. 10/15 – Children of the Corn*
246. 10/16 – The Ruins*
247. 10/16 – Cat People (1942)*
248. 10/18 – The Poughkeepsie Tapes*
249. 10/21 – Paranormal Activity*
250. 10/22 – Night of the Creeps*
251. 10/22 – Ghostwatch*
252. 10/23 – Shock*
253. 10/23 – From a Whisper to a Scream*
254. 10/23 – Theater of Blood*
255. 10/24 – Basket Case*

Best Film (New Viewing): Zombieland
I really do believe that Zombieland was the champion of October. The film is so much fun and simply gets it right. Read my review for more.
Runners-up: Where the Wild Things Are, Paranormal Activity, Night of the Creeps.

Best Film (Repeated Viewing): Drag Me to Hell
There weren’t too many repeated viewings. In fact, both repeated viewings from the month of October were two of my favorite horror films of the year. Drag Me to Hell edges out Trick ‘r Treat here though. Sam Raimi’s return to horror is one of the absolute top highlights of film in 2009.
Runner-up: Trick ‘r Treat.

Worst Film (Any Viewing): Zombie Nightmare
Hands down. An absolutely terrible film. The MST3K riffing of it was brilliant, but this Adam West film is a laughable attempt at the zombie voodoo genre.
Runner-up: None.

Most Surprising Film: Splinter
I expected solid things from Splinter, but I got so much more. The film was an intense portrait of four people trapped inside a gas station while an unheard of parasite-like creature stalks them from the outside. The film grips viewers and doesn’t let go.
Runners-up: From a Whisper to a Scream, The Sentinel.

Most Underrated Film: Theater of Blood
Among all of Vincent Price’s classic, I think this one gets the least admiration. I’m not sure why either. Price turns in a signature performance as a Shakespearean actor set on killing all critics who did him wrong. One by one by way of deaths seen in Shakespeare’s own plays. Terrific fun.
Runners-up: Cat People.

And so my dedication to horror films is done. I won’t stop watching them, but it feels nice to not have to feel compelled to watch one every night. I have two months left to hit the 300 mark. That means 45 films must be watched between now and January 1st. Stay tuned.


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