Free Music From a Great Band

Yeah, this blog is film first, everything else second, but that isn’t going to stop me from using it to promote a great band that gives away all its albums for absolutely nothing.

As a fan of music, Madame Blavatsky Overdrive is one of my most proud discoveries of super talent hidden among everything else. The band features Adam Gates, a man most often associated with the likes of Les Claypool. He played a huge role in Claypool’s first film, Electric Apricot, and has been a long time collaborator with the legendary bass player under the moniker Bob C. Cock.

MBO is really a combination of everything that is right with music. A blending of respect for the past but rejuvenated by a sense of energy and wisdom. Gates previous band, The Spent Poets, works on a similar level.

MBO’s first album, the blistering and refreshing Idiot Jones Will Have His Day, was released back in late 2006 and for free on their website. Their long awaited resurgence was brought on with the first release of a cycle of five EPs that have been recorded by the band. With

Hidden Masters Under Dead Suns in early July, Immanentize The Eschaton in early August and now Waking The Blind Idiot God, the band has delivered to its fans more great free music.

What more can you ask for? Do yourself a huge favor and give this band a listen.


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