Wrap Up of Films Watched in April of 2009

Well, it’s May. And May means school is almost done! I was able to hit the 100 mark by the end of April and I’m proud of it. Is that really something I should be proud of? I don’t know. At the time of writing this, and counting May, I’m at a grand total of 107 films watched. For keeping things simple, we’ll stick with the 101 watched at the end of April. May is for next month’s write-up! Each film below is linked with its respective IMDB page. As always, a * denotes that it was my first time viewing the film! Read on for the post-month perspective and awards!

79. 4/1 – The Cannonball Run* – 7.5/10
80. 4/2 – Eight Men Out* – 7.5/10
81. 4/2 – Dead & Buried* – 9/10
82. 4/3 – Adventureland* – 9.5/10
83. 4/4 – Trailer Park Boys: The Movie* – 8/10
84. 4/4 – Tenebre – 9.5/10
85. 4/5 – Fast Company* – 8/10
86. 4/10 – Observe and Report* – 9.5/10
87. 4/12 – Shock Waves* – 8/10
88. 4/13 – In the Line of Fire* – 8.5/10
89. 4/13 – Wonderland* – 8.5/10
90. 4/14 – The Seventh Seal – 10/10
91. 4/15 – Tropic Thunder – 9/10
92. 4/16 – Robocop – 9/10
93. 4/17 – Crank: High Voltage* – 9/10
94. 4/18 – Shattered Glass* – 8.5/10
95. 4/19 – Cat in the Brain* – 9.5/10
96. 4/20 – Mallrats – 9/10
97. 4/21 – Traffic* – 9.5/10
98. 4/23 – State of Grace* – 9.25/10
99. 4/28 – Gomorra* – 9.5/10
100. 4/29 – Three Monkeys* – 9.5/10
101. 4/30 – The Limey* – 9/10

23 total films were watched in April. Not bad at all. It was a very diverse month, I must say. A few theatrical viewings here and there, but most of what I saw was out of my own personal collection (save for a few downloaded films not yet available on DVD). Anyways, on to the monthly awards!

Best Film (New Viewing): Three Monkeys
If this tremendous film hadn’t come along or had been watched a few days later, picking the best new film of the month would have been troubling. Three Monkeys had it all though. No other film left me as wowed and as thrilled as this amazing film out of Turkey did.
Runners-up: Traffic, Adventureland, Gomorra, Observe and Report, Cat in the Brain.

Best Film (Repeated Viewing): The Seventh Seal
Such an easy choice. It’s my favorite film of all time! I watched this in preparation for a presentation I was giving on the film. I aced that by the way, thanks for asking. When the professor says the rest of the students should model their presentations after yours, you have no choice to feel good about what you did, right? It was easy for me. I’ve read up on this film time after time and have a pretty good sense of the issues Bergman only begins to touch at. This reminds me, I still have
Runners-up: Tenebre, Robocop, Tropic Thunder.

Worst Film (Any Viewing): The Cannonball Run
I hate giving this “award” out, but I feel its necessary. The Cannonball Run is a good film. Whenever you have a group of things, whatever they may be, something technically has to be the worst. Whether its bad is another question in my mind. This one isn’t bad, but it was just a bit too cheesy to be put above any of the other films. It’s not the greatest road film out there either. A solid film worth watching though.
Runners-up: Eight Men Out

Most Surprising Film: Adventureland
I LOVED this film. This one came out of nowhere and smacked me over the head with its awesomness. It’s more than Superbad, as the trailers falsely advertised it. It’s a coming of age tale full of substance one might not expect. It’s also quite a funny film, just of a different style than what the world is used to as of late. It’s well acted by Kristen Stewart and company and is still one of the best American films of 2009.
Runners-up: Crank: High Voltage

Most Disappointing Film: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
Listen, Trailer Park Boys is one of my favorite television shows of all time. It’s hilariously, smartly written and the characters are rememorable and quotable as anything. The film, which I watched after watching every episode of every season of the show, didn’t quite live up to the show’s expectations. It was a solid film, still very funny, but not as funny. Perhaps taken out of the regular show’s formula it just doesn’t work as well. Newcomers would be hardpressed to find themselves loving the idea and the characters by watching this film before the show. That said, it was still a worthy addition to the franchise.
Runners-up: Shock Waves

Most Underrated Film: Observe and Report
This was one of the funniest films I’ve seen in the last few years. Maybe it’s just by sardonic and strange sense of humor, but I thought this was just a brilliant effort from Jody Hill. I’m not a big Seth Rogen fan, but I particularly liked what he did with his character in this film. It was a bit different than his other characters. Observe and Report is NOT your average Judd Apatow film. It’s Jody Hill. He’s a much funnier man, as evidenced in this, The Foot Fist Way and Eastbound & Down. Check this one out, even though it might not be akin to all your comedic tastes.
Runners-up: Cat in the Brain

Well, there you have it folks, those are the winners of my prized awards built on months of boredom and time to my self. I’m off to a great start in May, one that should only be energized by the fact that school will end mid-month and I’ll have just that much more time to waste watching films! Until then, keeping reading the blog! I appreciate your time.


One thought on “Wrap Up of Films Watched in April of 2009

  1. Don’t feel too badly about The Trailer Park Boys disappointment. This often happens with shows that make a movie. However, I think that the Sex and the City movie was a pretty accurate portrayal of the series.

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