Wrap Up of Films Watched in March of 2009

The months seem to be flying by this year. Three down, nine to go. I have now watched a grand total of 78 films this year. And now, here’s my recap of films watched in March of 2009 complete with quick ratings and its IMDB page link. Once again, a * denotes first time viewing.

58. 3/2 – Tommy Boy – 6/10
59. 3/4 – Synecdoche, New York* – 9.5/10
60. 3/5 – Diary of the Dead – 8/10
61. 3/6 – Watchmen* – 9.25/10
62. 3/11 – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind* – 9/10
63. 3/14 – The Last House on the Left (1972) – 9.5/10
64. 3/15 – Hitch Hike* – 9/10
65. 3/15 – Resident Evil: Extinction* – 5/10
66. 3/17 – Detour* – 9.5/10
67. 3/18 – Bad Taste – 9.5/10
68. 3/22 – Dazed and Confused – 8.5/10
69. 3/24 – The Last House on the Left (2009)* – 7/10
70. 3/24 – Four of the Apocalypse* – 8/10
71. 3/25 – Uncle Sam* – 6.5/10
72. 3/25 – Zombi 2 – 9.5/10
73. 3/26 – Macon County Line* – 9/10
74. 3/26 – Anthropophagus* – 8/10
75. 3/27 – The Haunting in Connecticut* – 7.5/10
76. 3/27 – Dead Heat – 6.5/10
77. 3/29 – The Public Enemy* – 9/10
78. 3/31 – The Foot Fist Way* – 8.5/10

I slowed down a bit only viewing 21 films in the month of March. I made up for lost time towards the end and as you can see my taste for horror and exploitation films was rejuvenated by the release of the remake of The Last House on the Left and The Haunting in Connecticut.

Best Film (New Viewing): Watchmen
Easy, but not so easy. I really loved a lot of the films I saw, but none blew me away as much as this lengthy comic book adaptation did.
Runners-up: Synecdoche, New York, Hitch Hike , Detour.

Best Film (Repeated Viewing): The Last House on the Left (1972)
I watched this exploitation classic from Wes Craven in preparation for seeing and reviewing the more than decent remake. The film still touched me in all the right spots and David Hess’ amazing performance as Krug rung loud in my head. A must see.
Runners-up: Bad Taste, Zombi 2.

Worst Film (Any Viewing): Resident Evil: Extinction
Yeah, I know, this film wasn’t supposed to be good. It’s a zombie film. The thing is that it just lacks heart and charm, something I love about the genre’s standouts.
Runner-up: Dead Heat

Most Surprising Film: Macon County Line
This road film from the 1970s about an angry sheriff going head to head with three people merely passing through was an absolutely outstanding film that catches most people off guard with its rather disturbing and sad ending.
Runners-up: Four of the Apocalypse, The Haunting in Connecticut.

Most Underrated Film: Detour
This absolutely delectable film noir has fallen from the lips of most but reigns supreme among hardcore noir fans. Sure, this one doesn’t have Bogart, but it does have a great story, fine acting and a gripping and tense atmosphere. Find a good copy of this film and check it out.
Runners-up: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Public Enemy, The Foot Fist Way.

Well, that’s about it. April has begun and with that taste for exploitative horrors still in my mouth I can picture those films leading the way at the end of April. Guess you’ll have to tune back in to find out!


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